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Catch The Stars

Catch the stars is a game in which you will enjoy catching shiny stars!

A small group of funny aliens was set on a mission to try life on Earth. With modest energy supplies,the group was forced to go back to their far away civilization. On their way,they hit a lot of obstacles but possibilities for making mistakes are minimum.

Will the funny,green aliens, in their ridiculous red space ship manage to go back to their home planet depends only on you. Therefore,you are responsible for flying the space ship. In order to recharge your power, you have to catch stars by space ship.

You have only three impulsions which you have to use smartly to catch all stars.

Pipe Race

Pipe Race is an arcade racing game that simulates driving a rocket inside a pipe. To be the fastest driver and thus win, you have to avoid obstacles that appear in front of you and use bonus features, such as accelerators to increase your speed.


  1. 40 different tracks
  2. 11 types of obstacles that appear on the track according to your progress
  3. Accelerators to boost your rocket’s speed
  4. A brake for reducing speeds when negotiating difficult passages.


Introducing... FireBlob

FireBlob is a charming and captivating game – you won’t be able to drag yourself away. Behind its serious facade, you’ll find a fun game that will put your reflexes and your memory to the test in turn. It is divided into 30 distinct levels, with two game modes to choose from depending on your style. Share your scores with friends around the world, and compare your achievements with theirs.

Descriptions of the game modes

Reflex Mode

In FireBlob’s reflex mode, your goal is to earn the highest number of points. To do this, you must catch the blobs that fall from the top of your sceen at varying speeds and rhythms. To catch a blob use your finger to move the vertical selection bar from left to right. If your blob hits the ground when the bar is in another lane, you won’t earn any points. If the bar is in the correct lane, however, the point will be yours. Accumulate several points in a row to nail down some bonus points and see your final score increase dramatically.

Memory Mode

FireBlob’s memory mode puts your neurons to work, letting your reflexes take a rest. Your objective is to reproduce the blobs’ descent in the order in which they fall. Pay attention, because the speed and duration of the sequences increases with each level and during each round. Passing the final levels will require total concentration.

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